Circle Meeting, 22nd June 2010

Our meeting last night was quite low-key as we managed to get all our business over quickly. The main reason for this was that we were expecting visitors for the After Circle and didn’t want to delay those proceedings as our speaker would then be on too late. We had four visitors for the meeting, including our Provincial President Tony Record, Loughborough President Joseph Lehel, Joseph’s driver for the night Tom Doherty and Derby President Vince Cundy.

Vince has a busy year as it is Derby’s 90th anniversary. As part of their celebrations he has decided to undertake a pilgrimage walk from Derby to Padley starting on July 8 and completing the journey on July 11. He spoke for a short time on this and invited members of Circle to join him if they were available.


Pictured after the meeting: me, Andrew Holloway, Tony Record

Our After Circle guests were Andrew Holloway and his parents. Andrew was the All Saints’ School entrant for the Provincial Public Speaking competition last February and came a very creditable third. As the supporting Circle we thought it would be a good idea for all members of Circle to hear the speech, so we invited him to come and talk about himself and then give his speech. He was very confident and those present were impressed by the maturity of his answers when the Q&A session took place, answering questions about his role as Deputy Youth Mayor for Mansfield, what his ambitions and pastimes are and who are his political role models (Nick Clegg, it seems, for his performances in the election debates) – not topics I would have been confident enough to deal with as a 17 year old!!

Overall it was a very enjoyable evening and we look forward to hearing how Andrew gets on with organising the contestant for next year’s competition.