Sailing evening, 2nd July 2010

Our second Circle Sailing evening was planned by Charles and Karen Ferrar and took place once again at the Nottinghamshire County Sailing Club at Hoveringham, to the east of Lowdham.

I must admit to feeling some excitement as we set off; the evening was gorgeous – some light fluffy cloud and a lot of sunshine still, so it was nice and warm – and we had our picnic sorted for later on. The  journey was an adventure in itself, what with finding the right turn off the Southwell Road, then the one after the level crossing and making sure we went down the correct gravel path to enter the Sailing Club’s land.

yachts 1

Anyway, we got there without any problems and were greeted by several boats already out on the water. They were a mixture of cobles and dinghies (there is probably a technical term for the type of boat, but not being a sailor myself, I am not au fait with this). Adult supervisors from the Club were guiding the youngsters from our group across the lake and everyone seemed to be having a great time.


As we stood on the verandah, there were gliders taking off from a little airfield not far away, their winch lines falling to the ground on little parachutes. It reminded me of many years ago when we lived near Dunstable and used to go out on a weekend to watch the Gliding Club there. Earlier in the evening there had been some classic and vintage planes practising for the Waddington International Airshow that weekend; people who arrived early were given a glorious aerobatics display as Spitfires and Hurricanes weaved their way across the sly, followed by biplanes and triplanes. It must have been quite a sight!


After a while I was invited to go out in the Commodore’s boat – a motor boat that is used for the start and finish of races. It was a lovely sedate way to watch the others who were sailing.

When we got back to shore, it was picnic time as everyone gathered in the conservatory. The bar (fantastically low prices!!) was opened and we settled down to round the evening off with food, drink and a chat {it wouldn’t be a Catenian event without one of those, would it?}. As the sun dropped behind the horizon, we were treated to a beautiful pink and orange sky.

To round the event off, it turned out to be Tom Campbell’s 12th birthday, so a cake with candles was duly brought in and we sang “Happy Birthday” as lustily as we could to cause the maximum embarrassment to the poor boy.

As we all wended our way home, we reflected that a brilliant evening’s fun was had by all, from baby Aiden through to some of our more senior members. Hopefully, we may do this again next year – but I don’t know whether Charles and Karen can guarantee the sunset or weather again; they were just perfect this time and it may be too much to expect.