Skittles Evening, 17th July 2010


18 brothers, wives, friends and family gathered for another action packed Skittles evening which took place on Saturday 17 July at the Little John pub in Ravenshead. As always the competition was very keen and skill levels were very high since some of the group play the game seriously in a local league! Styles varied from the vigorous to the genteel, but all with the aim of trying to knock down as many of the 9 pins as possible with the three balls. To my recollection the best was 8 but I did leave early as we had another event to finish preparing when we got home.


Some of us just went along to watch and chat, others with an intense air of concentration to win the prizes at the end of the evening. It was great to see a few faces that we don’t often get to see at our other events owing to various pressures.


A splendid event!! Many thanks must go to David Ward for his superb organisation for and during the evening; without him it would not happen at all. We look forward to next year.

Skittles action blog 001

P.S. I have dropped in a few shots taken during the action so see if you can recognise the players from their profiles (not easy to get their faces when it is so dangerous).