July Circle Meeting, 27th July 2010



In July we attempted a new approach to the meeting – a very relaxed dress code, short meeting and a buffet during which we played games. Quite a few brothers were attracted by the offer of a free pint to start off the evening and we had a good number present with some of our visiting gentlemen, though no visitors from other circles.

Following the meeting we got stuck into a competitive round of dominoes; the eventual winner was John Creedon after a rapid-fire knockout tournament using only 7 dominoes each – first person to place all his dominoes won. We then tucked into the buffet and then resumed our matches playing draughts this time. The competition took a little linger as more thought was given to strategy; alongside this Jim got a few of us to try out his Tower of Hanoi game and the Shove Ha’penny board. Both proved to be interesting as nobody managed to get the tower completed in the minimum number of moves and everyone found the shove ha’penny more difficult than it looks!!

Our first competitive evening was a great success and we will repeat it next July, hopefully with some visitors as well to swell the numbers.