Mansfield bags a brace of new brothers!

Brother President Martin Dillon of Mansfield and Dukeries Circle was pleased to welcome 2 new brothers into the Circle at the November meeting.



Brother President Martin Dillon (centre) with Greig Thomson (left) and Bill Lewis (right) after their enrolment

Brothers Bill Lewis, a primary school headteacher, and Greig Thomson, a history teacher at a local comprehensive school, have been visiting as After Circle guests for the last few months and have been able to join us for a number of social events over the last year. The occasion of their enrolment saw the largest attendance at Circle for some time as Circle members were joined by two visiting Presidents, Walter D’Aguiar from Nottingham 221 and Richard Spedding from South Leicester 245. Bill originally hails from East London but has worked in Nottinghamshire for many years; Greig is a Scot and a former officer with the Gurkha Regiment who has regaled us at After circle with tales of his many adventures in the army.


Pictured L to R: Bro. Greig Thomson, Bro. President Richard Spedding (Sth Leics 245), Bro. President Martin Dillon (Mansfield and Dukeries 197), Bro. President Walter D’Aguiar (City of Nottingham 221), Bro. Bill Lewis