Uganda brought to Mansfield!

Lucy King, daughter of a brother from Mansfield and Dukeries Circle, was granted a Bursary Fund award last summer which enabled her to fulfil an ambition to visit Uganda as part of her work with the charity ‘Volunteer Uganda’. Lucy is studying Philosophy and Theology at Leeds University and encountered the charity through the Students’ Union.

Recently she came along to the After-Circle meal and entertained us with tales of her adventures (and hard work) whilst abroad. The charity asks university students to commit to teaching English for a month at one of their schools; Lucy went to an upper primary school in the Kanungu District which is in the south-west of Uganda, not far from the border with Rwanda, and was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit a game reserve during one of her weekends, though others from her team managed to see the mountain gorillas made famous in “Gorillas in the Mist” and the “Life on Earth” series with David Attenborough.

Kirima Parents

Lucy described the many cultural differences that struck her and the lasting memories of the young people with whom she worked. Our lasting impression was that she has now caught the “Africa bug” and will return at a future date.

Lucy & family

Pictured are Bro Simon King (father of Lucy), Emma King (mum), Lucy King, Bro President Martin Dillon, and Bro Eddie King (uncle)