Proposed visit to Leeds, January 2017

In our calendar for 2016-17 we have listed another weekend away, for Saturday Jan 7 to Monday Jan 9.

I have been up to Leeds to talk to the events manager at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (which is another hotel in the Peel Hotels chain and therefore offers the Golden Voucher deal that we used for Bradford last January) and she told me that we could book up to a MAXIMUM of 24 rooms so that we did not dominate the voucher scheme which is very popular at that time of the year.

The current price for the Golden Voucher is £139, but may go up to £149:

Golden Voucher 2016-7

There are pros and cons for this hotel:

  • we get room, bed and breakfast plus dinner on both nights of our stay FOR TWO PEOPLE at the published price – unbeatable value, I’m sure you will agree;
  • it is central and everything we might visit can be accessed easily by a short walk into town;
  • it is next to the main station (in case anyone decided to travel up by train);
  • parking facilities (using the Q-Parking site) are a two minute walk away;
  • we can eat together in the hotel restaurant and a section will be reserved exclusively for our 2 evening meals;
  • the rooms on offer are referred to as Red rooms and Green rooms (they are on different floors) and have King beds or twins if you prefer;
  • single rooms can be arranged should widows such as Jo Murphy wish to accompany us.


  • parking is a whopping £15.50 per day (using the hotel’s voucher scheme which discounts the actual £24 charge if you forget to go through the hotel) as they do not have their own parking space;
  • we cannot go on the first Friday of the month as they have a special group in each month and their activities may offend our sensibilities (however, since we are proposing Sat-Mon, this should not pose a problem).

In terms of things to do, I propose a menu as last time, so that you can opt in for the activities you feel are appropriate for your health and mobility. Some examples would be:

  • a visit to the National Mining Museum near Wakefield, either for Saturday morning or Monday afternoon – FREE, but you need a returnable £3 deposit for the gear to go underground – if you do not wish to go underground to see the mine workings, there is plenty to do and see above ground while others descend into the darkness;
  • a guided tour of the city centre on Sunday afternoon (additional cost to be determined by how many opt in);
  • a guided GHOST tour in the city centre on Saturday or Sunday evening (additional cost to be determined by how many opt in);
  • a visit to the Thackray Medical Museum (additional cost of £7 for concessions or £8 for “normal” adults);
  • a visit to Kirkstall Abbey (FREE);
  • a visit to the Leeds Armouries (FREE, but may require booking in advance if there is a large number who wish to visit);
  • a visit to Leeds Industrial Museum (additional cost to be determined by how many opt in);
  • an opportunity to follow the Leeds Owl Trail (a city centre walk that visits 25 locations across Leeds City) – FREE and can be undertaken independently;
  • an opportunity to follow any one of a number of interesting walks around the heritage features of Leeds;
  • an opportunity to visit the Art Galleries in Leeds;
  • plenty of lovely shops for those who may wish to explore the post-Christmas sales as retail therapy, including some very high-end ones such as Harvey Nichols and an arcade of purely high-end designer shops;
  • and many more (browse here) – I have a single leaflet about most of the above-mentioned activities, so could copy those or scan them for distribution.


The opportunity to attend Mass at St. Anne’s Cathedral on Sunday is one we should not miss; Solemn Mass is at 11.00am. I am sure that we will be able to contact the Leeds 3 Circle and get further information about Mass and possibly to arrange meeting up with some of them as we did last year with the Bradford brothers. We could meet them at The Tetley Collection, where lunch is available.


I think you will see that there is a lot to do, in another northern city which does not always get the recognition it deserves.


Overall, I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so am proposing that we go ahead. If you would like to book one of the 24 rooms available, please e-mail me on my usual email address by 28th May and I will add your name to the list. We can sort out the individual payments once I know how many rooms we will be taking up and after I have bulk ordered them in one go, which is the easiest way to manage things.