Inter-Circle Rally: 12 July 2016

Seven brothers from Mansfield drove all the way down to Market Harborough on a soggy evening for the Province 15 Inter-Circle Rally. This was one of our first raiding parties of the year and hopefully marks the beginning of a good visiting programme; with miles and numbers of brothers now counting once more for the two Provincial visiting cups, we should figure in the higher ranges when figures are published next year if we carry on at this rate.

50 brothers from across the Province attended, including a good number of Provincial Council and 6 Circle Presidents. Brother President Bill Ryan welcomed us all to the meeting and conducted a well-oiled machine to ensure that the evening went very smoothly. The two visiting trophies went to Hinckley Circle who have had an impressive 86 visits across the last year – it just goes to show what supporting your President means!

An excellent meal of lamb, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables was followed by a citrus flan with berries, ice-cream and clotted cream, then finished off with the usual coffee and mints.

[Picture to follow, hopefully]