Peterborough 700th Meeting – 19th July 2016

On Tuesday 19th July, one of the hottest nights so far this year, Bro President Peter Crowe went down to the Peterborough 700th meeting, accompanied by Bro VP John Fitzpatrick and Bro Provincial VP Karol Grabowski.

The meeting was held at the usual venue, the Holiday Inn at Thorpe Wood, with some 42 brothers attending, many coming quite long distances to celebrate this important milestone. In attendance was Bro Grand President David Rowley, freshly returned from his visit to South Hams Circle in the far South West.


Bro Director David Baldam, Bro Provincial President John Cullinan and Bro Grand President David Rowley enjoy a moment’s conversation before the start of the meeting

Following the meeting, there was a Gala Dinner. On the menu were prawn and crayfish with mango and salad; beef with all the trimmings; and a citrus tart with chantilly cream.


Bros Peter Crowe and John Fitzpatrick enjoy their meal and conversation

When dinner was over, the usual speeches were given and toasts offered. Peterborough’s President proposed a toast to the visitors and Ladies; Grand PResident David Rowley proposed the toast to the Circle and in doing so reminded us of the close-knit bonds that exist between Circles in Province that had been inaugurated around the same time as Peterborough, a time when growth in the Association was fast.


Bro Grand President proposes the toast to Peterborough Circle