40-year scrolls for John and David

Our September meeting was a very special occasion for a number of reasons, but the most important one was the presentation of scrolls for 40-years’ membership of the Association to Brothers John Carr and David Ward.

Brother John Carr (pictured, left, with Director David Baldam) joined the Association at Shrewsbury Circle on 26 April 1976, having previously been part of a team attempting to set up a Circle in Lichfield, where he worked at the time. Since that did not work out and John subsequently gained a promotion to the Shrewsbury area, he joined that Circle. When he became Headteacher of St. Philip Neri School in Mansfield, he transferred to the Mansfield and Dukeries Circle where he has been ever since. John hails from Newcastle originally but his work in education took him all over the country before he settled at Mansfield.

Brother David Ward (pictured, right, with Director David Baldam) is another teacher member of the Circle and was introduced by Brother Maurice King on 28 September 1976. David also worked in Primary education and was a teacher at The Good Shepherd School in Arnold until he retired. He is a keen cricketer and has been a long standing member of the Ravenshead Skittles fraternity. In his prime, David was part of the team on the pub skittles circuit and regularly organised a Skittles evening for Circle at the Little John in Ravenshead.


Brothers David (l) and John (r) show off their 40-year scrolls after the meeting

If this were not sufficient excitement for one evening, we were graced with the presence of Brother Colin Kibbler (another member of the 40-year plus group in Circle) who made it to the Circle meeting for the first time in nearly 18 months. Colin and his wife, Julia, have been very unwell during that time; Colin has suffered with a stomach cancer, the treatment of which involved the removal of parts of his stomach and which has reduced him to eating a very carefully managed diet. Julia didn’t manage to make this evening’s meeting but has been coming to the Ladies’ Group for a little while. We are really pleased that Colin was fit enough to attend and he offered his congratulations to John and David, welcoming them to what is an inner circle within Circle and consisting now of 6 brothers with 40-years’ membership to their credit.

On the same night that David Ward was enrolled, another very distinguished brother, John Clarke, was enrolled alongside him. Brother John Clarke moved up to Leeds as Headteacher of one of the Catholic secondary schools in the West Riding. He subsequently became Director for Province 3 and then Grand President in 2004-05. We hope that Brother John, who is President of his Circle, will come to visit us in Mansfield in the near future; he was awarded his 40-year scroll at his current Circle, North Warwickshire (111), last month.