Safari Night – 15 October 2016

For the first time in several years, Circle held a Safari Night with couples preparing starters, mains or desserts before finishing up at Bro President’s house for coffee, cheese and biscuits.

The merry-go-round of who was going where was scrupulously planned by Julie, Bro President’s wife, and it meant that sets of three couples descended on each others’ houses during the course of the evening; usually the host couple was preparing for 6 people sitting down, but one host couple per round also had the pleasure of Bro President and Julie, making it an 8 (though I heard a rumour that there were 9 at one venue – there was a threesome pretending to be a couple).

The organisation was so good that the whole evening went smoothly until some of the guests had to tear themselves away from Bro Vice President in order to make it to the next round. (It’s a long story, but involved his troubled journey to Ireland earlier that week).

The night was rounded off at Peter and Julie’s house where everyone could finally relax, knowing that all they had to do when they finally got home was to sort out the mountain of washing up (or pop it all into the dishwasher for an overnight cycle).

It was so successful that there is talk of it happening again next year. We just hope that Julie is willing and able to sort it all out again. Thanks to everyone for being such good sports and for making the evening a great success.