Bursary fund presentation at All Saints’ Academy


On the morning of Thursday 11 May, Immediate Past President, brother Peter Crowe, and newly installed President John Fitzpatrick of Mansfield and Dukeries Circle 197 of the Catenian Association attended an assembly for years 11, 12 and 13 at All Saints Academy in Mansfield to present 10 £50 cheques generously donated by the Association’s Bursary Fund managers.

During the assembly, students were able to see a ‘video diary’ of the Academy’s visit to Lourdes last year with a group of 5 sixth formers. Such has been the success of recruiting for the Nottingham Diocese Lourdes pilgrimage within the Academy this year that there are 14 students attending from All Saints in early July. For many, if not all, students it will be a life-changing experience. Brother President John briefly reminisced about his own son Shane visiting Lourdes as a student helper nearly 20 years ago. He observed that his son left Gatwick airport as a rather shy and confused child and came back a much more confident and assured adult – i.e. he left as a boy and came back a man!

Brother Peter talked to students about the Catenian Association, including its work in local parishes and the wider community, mentioning especially the contribution of the Association to the biennial ‘Flame Project’ so enthusiastically embraced and promoted by our Immediate Past Grand President David Rowley.

The link with All Saints now is very well established, especially through the warm and wonderful Chaplain, Vicki Mullen, who always makes us feel so welcome and at home. Academy headteacher Paul Greig also attended the assembly and thanked us for our efforts. The students have also been booked in to a Mansfield and Dukeries Circle meeting for September 25, 2017 to relate their Lourdes experiences over dinner with the wider Circle and the wives of Mansfield brothers.