Circle Golf – 13 May 2017

Today we had our annual Golf tournament, with 15 competitors: 5 Catenians and 10 guests. The day began a little overcast but became very pleasant as the afternoon drew to a close, with  the final group completing their round in warm sunshine at just after 6.45pm.


Pat Lee tots up his score


There was keen competition across the five groups with a wide range of scores among both sets of players. The guests seemed to have done better overall but had a wide variance in their scores. The Catenian players were more consistent with their play and this was reflected in a much smaller range of scores. All scores were based on a Stapleford system.

Prizes were awarded for the shot nearest the pin on the 6th hole which was won by Martyn Shaw, and Matt Henson won the longest drive on 15th hole. In addition the hotly contested “serious” trophies went to:


Provincial President Karol Grabowski (r) presents the Guest’s Trophy to Tom Roberts (left) with Pat Lee looking on

Guest Trophy – Tom Roberts whose 37 points was the best score all round; and


Catenian Trophy winner Rob Hill

Provincial President Karol Grabowski (l) presents the Catenian Trophy to Rob Hill (centre) with Pat Lee (r) looking on

Catenian Trophy – Rob Hill who played out of his socks to gain a very good 30 points and beat two previous multiple-winners, Peter Crowe and Andrew O’Mara-Winson. Rob now has the unenviable duty of polishing the trophy regularly to keep its shine pristine.


As always, thanks must go to Pat Lee for organising another brilliant afternoon, both the golf and the weather (don’t know how he manages to pick a nice day each year). Pat has been sorting this event out for about 24 years now and next year will mark our Silver Jubilee event; it is due to take place on the second Saturday of May, so anyone who fancies their chances had better start practising now. I know you are guaranteed a great afternoon of sport and fresh air!