Provincial Weekend – Haikus

On Saturday night, during supper, everyone was challenged to evaluate the weekend by choosing their best memories of the weekend and then writing them up in a haiku (a short, Japanese poem format with three lines containing, respectively, 5, 7 and 5 syllables). Each table was asked to submit one entry which they deemed to be the best at summing up what everyone had enjoyed.

To illustrate the style and potential content, Karol wrote a few teasers:


Woke at half past six.

In bed, creating haikus.

Why can’t I just sleep?


At last we are here,

Catenians in Shrewsbury.

Friendship, faith and fun.


Cadfael or Darwin,

River cruise with Sabrina,

Worn out but happy.


Lots of things to see –

Frantic shopping in the town.

Abbey peace and calm.


Food has been sublime,

Friends, conversations and wine –

What more could you want?


What now follows are the entries from various tables; there may have been others, but they were never passed on. Thank you to everyone for entering into the spirit of the challenge. I think you will agree that some of these are really excellent and poignant:


Faith, friendship and fun

Shrewsbury ticks all the boxes.

Catenians rule.

(John & Marilyn Dillon; Kathryn and John Carr, all Mansfield and Dukeries)


Sunday special news:

No sermon and no singing.

Home early for lunch.

(John Carr, Mansfield and Dukeries)


Where, oh, where is mine?

Bacon, egg and black pudding.

Think the chef has died!

(Pat Cusack, Kirby Muxloe; Pat had a long wait for his breakfast on Saturday morning)


Shrewsbury is the place,

Cadfael roamed at Peter’s pace,

Brothers here in grace.

(Evelyn Fitzpatrick, Mansfield and Dukeries)


I call it Shrews-bury

You call it Shrows-bry, so let’s

call the whole thing off.

(Dr. Elizabeth Barrett – Bessa, to the rest of us, Mansfield and Dukeries)


Non è facile;

È troppo difficile –

No ci rinuncio!

(Giancarlo Laurenti, Market Harborough – via Italy; Carlo was responding to what was considered by members of his table to be a difficult task, made more difficult by the consumption of beverages during the meal)

It’s not easy;
It’s too hard –
I do not give up!

(Giancarlo Laurenti – as represented by Google Translate)


Food, wine, friends and fun.

Wonderful combination,

lasting memories.

(Table 3 – they know who they were…I haven’t a clue)


Shrewsbury Old Town:

Benedict and Winefride,

Blessed saints of ours.

(Table 3 – again!! are they making a takeover bid?)


Darwin’s ways we walked,

Sought for Cadfael’s remedies.

Rowed by Severn’s banks.

(Christine Cusack, Kirby Muxloe)


Darwin, Cadfael walks;

St Mary’s Jesse windows.

Karol’s mealtime tasks…

(Jo Jarvis, Kirby Muxloe; we had a rather testing quiz the night before these were written)


Wanted a haiku

But just got a limerick.

Shakespeare turns in grave!!!

(David Barke, Derby)


Great to meet you all.

All friends around the Wrekin.

Come again next year.

(Roger Thompson, Shrewsbury brother who was David Baldam’s guest)


Karol’s words enthuse;

Whilst chef in kitchen boiling,

My soup quickly cools.

(John Smith, Derby)


Brother Cadfael books,

Set at Shrewsbury Abbey,

came alive today.

(Carole Baldam, Market Harborough and Angela Grabowski, Mansfield and Dukeries)


Hist’ry walk through time;

tea on the river with friends;

Food and fun for all.

(Sue Barke, Derby)


Monk, Darwin, boat, bed

All were planned in Karol’s head

Minds, bodies well fed.

(Jo Murphy, Mansfield and Dukeries)