Welcome to Ted

This evening we welcomed a “new” brother to Circle. Ted Bennett, who has been a member of the Chesterfield Circle for many years, was invited to join Mansfield and Dukeries as a joint member, making him only the third joint brother of recent times.

Ted is very well known to many of the Circle; he has been President of Chesterfield on two occasions and has taken part in Circle Rambles over the last few years. When Circle went off to the Malta Conference in 2016, Ted happened to be staying in the same hotel as many of us so he joined in with some of our activities and explorations. When we went on the Provincial Weekend to Shrewsbury, Ted was there with some of his family and was again embraced by Mansfield brothers. With all of those links he will hopefully feel really welcome and comfortable in the Circle.

2018-04-24 21.39.21

Brother President John Fitzpatrick (l) welcomes Ted (r) to Mansfield and Dukeries Circle.

At the end of the evening, after dinner, Ted said a few words of thanks to those of us that have known him for a while and he spoke very warmly of the support that he has felt from certain “unnamed, but you know who you are” brothers and wives.

With a busy family life and a commitment to working with Chesterfield Circle as well, we hope that we will see him regularly, but we nevertheless welcome him and look forward to enjoying his company.