25th Circle Golf tournament 12 May 2018

golf tournament

A celebratory atmosphere was evident for the 25th annual Golf tournament at Ramsdale Park Golf course in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. Once again, with grateful thanks for his magnificent efforts, the contest was organised in his usual efficient manner by Pat Lee.

This year there were 18 entrants, which included a decent number of Catenians and a very good number of guests. Pat sorted out all the entrants into three teams (Mansfield, Dukeries and Ashfield) but kept the lists secret until the end of the day as there were team prizes to be won on top of the usual trophies for Catenian members and for guests. In addition, there were a few extra prizes sent in by various generous donors so that everyone went away with something.

The afternoon began in warm but cloudy weather and the six groups worked their way round the holes at a reasonable lick, hampered only by the occasional beginner. It was only later in the afternoon, as the final groups were finishing the last few holes, that the weather changed dramatically and many of us got soaked. Despite this, there were happy faces in the clubhouse at the end.

The prize for the longest drive went to Peter Roberts (a guest player who is a regular in this contest). The prize for “nearest the pin” went to Pat Lee, who was only some 8.5 feet away. Well done to both!


Guest Steve Alcock (centre) gets his prize from Brother President.

Prizes were awarded to guests Richard Dillon, Steve Alcock, Tom Roberts and Simon Haynes. The guests had some remarkably good scores with Tom Roberts retaining the guests trophy which he won last year !


Tom Roberts receives his trophy from Peter

Prizes were also awarded to Catenians Martin Dillon, Pat Lee, Peter Crowe and Andrew O’Mara-Winson. The latter three tied for first place so the trophy will get to do the rounds between them and the job of keeping it pristine and shiny will fall to each winner in turn.


Our three Catenian winners (l to r) Peter, Andrew and Pat with President John Fitzpatrick

The scores for the teams were impressive, but the Mansfield team ended up overall winners with a remarkable 166 points. Each of the 6 team members came away with a bottle of wine for their contribution.

President John Fitzpatrick ably assisted with the awarding of prizes and Peter Crowe was the chief photographer (except when he received his own share of the trophy).